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7 Ways to Manifest More in 2019

It's the second week into the new year and I'm pretty sure we're all feeling the pressure of the goals and resolutions we've set for ourselves. Posting on Instagram "New year new me" and letting everybody know our "mood" for 2019 on Facebook. However, the real question is, is the "New year new me" version going to really show up and what's the plan to birth that woman. Because if we're honest, anybody can write a list of goals and end up walking into 2020 the same as they did the previous years. Simply said, it's pretty much the plan and the execution that sets apart the doers from the dreamers.

So in true new year's fashion, I've adopted a phrase that'll be my serenading theme music to guide me through, "this is my year to throw my whole self at it!". "It" of course, is my dreams. With casting my entire mind, body, and spirit, at my 3 major goals for 2019, (For more on my specific goals check out my latest youtube video"How 2018 tried to play me" Click HERE ) I have developed an execution plan for the first quarter of the year and I'm anxious to share with you the 7 action steps I'll be using to manifest more in 2019.

I'm giving you the scoop on the tools I'm using and I've even created a customized affirmations list for all you creators out there. Which, by the way, a creator is not limited to being a blogger. Whether you're a teacher, athlete, stay at home mom or dad, actor, or executive, If you create ANYTHING these affirmations are tailor-made for you!

To manifest more in 2019 I will be...

Taking several classes and workshops this year. Investing your time, energy, and perhaps even money is an effective way of leveling up any skill set. This first quarter I will for sure be taking these three classes at General Assembly in Atlanta. (Click the title of the class to get more info or even sign up)

Reading a lot more books this year is definitely on my to-do list as well! (My specific reading goal amount is live on youtube Click HERE) I believe books serve as candid kitchen table talk with the people you may not be able to get your hands on in real life. Take advantage of all the knowledge and million dollar blueprints that are right at our fingertips. I've already started both of these but I will for sure be completing these two books the first quarter of the year. (Click the title of the book to get more info)

Affirming myself once to twice a day via guided or written positive affirmations. Our life unfolds based upon what we think. So when we think positively and abundantly about ourselves we begin to feel positivity and abundance around us. And what you feel you attract and what you attract you see.

My customized positive affirmations for the creator is linked below (yes, I actually made customized affirmations just for you) and the link to a positive mindset video I'm listening to daily this first quarter is also linked below. I hope you join me using these tips to level up this quarter and all of 2019. Be sure to let me know what's your plan on getting more this year. (Click the links below to get your free affirmations)



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