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1 fact you NEVER knew about me

It's the second day of the new year and I'm ready to make some changes. This year I'm itching to share more real life moments with you girls and eager to get vulnerable about my journey. I want you to know me better with my make up off, pjs on, and just chatting it up about real life things. The fashion posts will of course continue but you'll see a bit more of the EEH behind the cute clothes and curated photos. In hopes of taking you behind the curtain I've relaunched my youtube page which will have more lifestyle and fashion content . My first get to know me video is live now and all about letting you in on what it means to be Ebonne. I'm speaking on my big blended family, love life, my 9-5, body image, all that. After you read The 1 fact you NEVER knew about me click HERE to watch my new youtube video. Alright, let's get a little closer.

I've never told you this but...

I've struggled with owning the fact that "Evander Holyfield the boxer" is my dad: Let me start off by saying I absolutely love my dad! I have to say that because when you're connected to a public figure people like to be messy and controversial. I love him to pieces and I adore being a Holyfield. However, I am challenged to this day with leaning into the expectations that come with being the Real Deal Holyfield's daughter.

For those of you that may not be familiar with boxing my dad is the only 4 time heavy weight champion of the world and notoriously known for his ear being bitten by Mike Tyson. Yea, he's that guy lol. Dad has done very well for himself, but with that type of fame comes a lot of invasive questions and people often thinking that you and your family are more than human. One of the routine statements that I always struggle to respond to is "why don't you just tell them who your dad is ". I'm always like for what? Or people saying "if he was my dad I would work that last name", whatever that means. And don't get me wrong, I'm definitely aware that some people are moved by my connection to him but I'm also very aware that some people simply don't care. Which is fine, I just wish others would understand that there are two sides to the coin.

The expectations that people have associated with having a notable parent has been the culprit of me not knowing how to fully embrace the title "your Evander's daughter". Perhaps because often times real life doesn't always align with the forecast that others have for you. People's opinions should never matter but I'm being vulnerable enough to admit that I'm still working on it.

Still working on accepting the perks of the last name Holyfield and equally acknowledging the weird parts that come with it as well. I'm learning to better balance recognizing that's it's ok that I've been blessed with a name that opens doors but it's totally ok that my life can often times be plane Jane,unglamorous, and opposite of the vision that other's have for me. As we forge into 2019 let's admit that we still don't have everything figured out at whatever age we are. And we are constantly growing out of and into the woman we've always been. Cheers to more understanding and leaning into more change. Happy New Year gorgeous and I'm happy that we're growing into better friends.

Until next time,


Can you believe it everything pictured is thrifted outside of my sandals.

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