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A Seat at The Table

How many of us are waiting until 2019 to get to the doing part of our goals. I’m only asking because I’ve equally fallen victim to the waiting game and constantly on the hunt for the perfect time to begin a new task. News flash, the perfect time to begin is always right now. It wasn’t until I narrowed down the common qualities successful women possess, that I realized I was in need of some important changes.

Out of desperation to evolve I activated these traits and in result this blogger babe shoot you’re looking at right now was birthed. Each girl boss trait nudged me to ask myself why I was waiting on someone to invite me to a shoot like this when I could create my own. And in the same enlightenment I wondered why I hadn't taken this same approach in every aspect of my life more consistently. Friends, take these 6 gems and conjure up a mindset that affords you to unapologetically pull your own seat up to the table. Not only because you're worthy to sit at the table but also because there is enough room for us to all eat.

Photography by Sherita Bolden

6 tips to pull your seat up to the table

Collaborate: Every opportunity and or answer always comes through a person. It’s not money, exposure, fame, It’s always a person. Find people within your reach to create, learn, and explore with. Your hook up may very well be your look up.

Follow your instincts: We all have that inner nudge that say’s do it now, write the post, or call them today. You never know where a nudge may lead you. So no matter how trivial or small the whisper may seem make it a habit to obey your instincts. You’d be surprised how many empires were built from somebody answering their inner whisper.

Sacrifice: I’m sure none of us like delaying our gratification but it proves to be necessary for success. Whether it be sacrificing your time, social life, or money. In some capacity every successful person has had to discipline themselves with a “no for now”.

Do what you can: Don’t allow your “limitations” to stop you from pursuing more and creating more. Trust me, there is a way to accomplish WHATEVER it is you have in your mind with the talents, resources, and relationships you have CURRENTLY. Get as creative as you need to in order to pull it off but by all means pull it off.

Gain “extra” time”: Get more time by planning and prioritizing your time. We all have the same amount of hours in a day but some people gain more time by starting their workload 3-4 hours before the average person wakes up. Some are allotting limited to no time for tv, social media, substance less conversations, and unproductive outings. Identify what your time killers are and eliminate them quickly.

Believe in yourself & your personal brand: I always say people believe in what you believe in, so you might as well believe in yourself! In my opinion it’s actually necessary to have self-belief if you want to achieve your goals. Everyone won’t get you but as long you believe in what you’re doing, put action behind your belief, and know that the very essence of your soul is worthy of everything you desire, then you’re destined for divine manifestation.



Photos by Sherita Bolden.

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