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Curlbox owner delivers gems

I had the pleasure of meeting Myleik Teele this past weekend, my mentor in my head. Myleik is the owner of the natural hair subscription box Curlbox, and creator of the My Taught You podcast. She is the definition of "good work ethic" and is definitely that girlfriend that keep's it REAL. So needless to say when I heard that she was doing a live podcast here in Atlanta I jumped on the tickets because "getting my life" was pretty much guaranteed. The podcast was so juicy and such a full experience there was no way I wasn't bringing the gems back home to you!

I'm not exactly sure when she will be posting the live recording on her podcast but in the meantime here are a few nuggets that will probably have you reevaluating your whole life.

All pay is not equal and that's ok!

Myleik: "Don't always seek even exchanges. Things aren't always going to be even. Success is not always balanced. If everything you're doing has to be even you're going to miss out. There will be periods in your life when you work really hard for a little and periods in your life when you don't have to work that hard for a lot."

EEH: I use to be the queen of wanting even exchanges. And when I say use to I'm meaning the day before I heard Myleik say these words. I have always been in the business of not only desiring reciprocity but also desiring it in the same capacity I extended it. However, after evaluating my personal ebb and flow of giving and receiving I have to agree with Myleik. Though this may be the flow of life I do also believe it's wise to ask yourself if your experience is worth receiving little to nothing. If it is, stick with it and it will all pay off eventually.

Real recognizes Real

Myleik: "When you recognize what your challenges are you then are able to better recognize opportunities."

EEH: The clearest way to identify if something or someone can feed you is by knowing what you have a taste for.Get clear on what you have a taste for by getting clear on what you're lacking. When a person or thing feeds that deficiency, you've just identified your opportunity.

It's called fake patience people.

Myleik: "Fake waiting & faux struggling. Real patience is having the capacity to accept and or tolerate delay, difficulty, or annoyance without getting angry or upset."How to fix it: 1) Try to recognize impatience when it's happening. 2)Ask yourself do I make waiting all about me? 3)Make yourself wait. Ex: Don't watch your favorite tv show the night it comes on or don't go see the new movie the opening night it releases."That's what the marathon mindset is all about, learning how to wait for a long ass time."

EEH: Man oh man! Fake patience is REAL. I have the biggest challenge being patient with delay. I can know it's coming but I want it right now. However, the more I experience the journey being the sweetest part, the more I appreciate the moment I'm in presently without considering what hasn't happened yet.

Sucking = Learning.

Myleik: "When you stop seeking learning opportunities you quit before the actual learning can happen. In the learning you realize you're terrible at whatever it is you're doing. Ego is the enemy of what you want and what you have. Ego is why you haven't mastered your craft because you don't like sucking for a while."

EEH: Amen to that Myleik! I can't count how many ideas I started and quit before I created this blog. And I quit only because it got hard and or I sucked at it. But one thing that makes it a little easier is hearing the stories of successful people who overcame just by sticking with their vision. It further confirms that sucking at something is a part of the process of one day being really great at something.

Less Hype More Creating.

Myleik:"Our temptation is to focus on the hype and not on our actual creation. If it's HOT it will spread."

EEH: What has freed me in blogging and posting on instagram is by not being fully concerned with what people think of my posts. I've learned that when you free yourself from the hype and the opinions of others you also give yourself the space to please yourself first .Give yourself permission to create authentically and where there is authenticity there is always an audience.

Let me know which gem is your favorite in the comments and how you plan on applying it before the new year!



I received so much love and questions on my thrifted sweatshirt. Who would have known there were so many Butler Bulldogs fans.

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