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Mixing & Matching

Mixing and matching has been hands down one of my fall favorites this year. It’s a haute trend that’s definitely not new to the fashion scene and will make any woman shamelessly stand out in a crowd. Although, I’m not a huge fan of being trendy or following rules, I do believe every girl should try mixing up her stripes, polka dots, and plaids a time or two. If you’re going to pull this lewk off without the fear of looking “clownish", here are a few tips I’ve discovered that will eliminate any potential fashion faux pas.

#1 Match colors NOT patterns. This tip is huge! Your outfit will flow much better if the colors are complimentary REGARDLESS of the various patterns. If you’re too timid to have multiple colors and prints go the monochromatic route with your prints and patterns.

#2 Leopard and camo go with EVERYTHING. When it comes to mixing and matching, both of these prints are considered neutral. So when in doubt throw them into the mix for sure!

#3 Vary the size of your prints. If your print on top is large wear a smaller size print on the bottom. This will make sure your outfit stands out without being overwhelming to the eye.

#4 Stripes tend to always make a mixed patterned outfit look effortlessly chic. Whether vertical or horizontal, stripes are always a great starting point for mixing up prints.

#5 The most important of them all, be confident! No matter what you put together make sure you feel and believe you look amazing. Your outfit may not be everyone's cup of tea but know that people go off of your vibes! So vibrate high and walk in the room like you own the place!

I hope these tips help you mix & match with ease. Let me know in the comments how you plan on trying this fall trend OR why you're too timid to mix it up.



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