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Elevated Black

Ladies, I’m sure we all have a little black dress in our closets and we know how iconic an all black outfit can be. But if I’m totally honest I’m not always wearing black because I think it’s iconic but because it’s the easiest and quickest way for me to get out the door! So when I’m shopping for my black statement pieces to mix and match I’m looking for one thing, and that’s character! Here are 3 questions I ask myself when deciding if an all black piece has character.

Shape: Does my outfit paint a picture? Whether you’re wearing all black or not search for garments and accessories that have lines that create shapes. I learned this from the great Kahlana Barfield who is definitely one of my fashion fairy godmother’s. Having shape is a game changer. Especially if you’re limiting your color palette, lines and space become so much more important and is the easiest way to make sure your outfit is not BORING. Ask yourself if people only saw a silhouette of my outfit would they see art or would they see clothes. Make sure they see ART because anybody can wear clothes.

KB shape inspiration

photo source: instagram (click here for more)

Movement: Does my outfit flow? Every outfit doesn’t have to move but it definitely adds to the character factor if it can. Embrace tassels, fringe, and light weight materials that blow in the wind. Trust me your colleagues will be thankful for the free fashion show you’ll give them on the way to the bathroom.

Texture: Does my outfit have feelings? When wearing any type of monochromatic outfit, texture is your best friend! A variation of texture is a for sure way to make sure your outfit doesn’t fall flat. Don’t be afraid to add some spice by throwing in some leather, vinyl, suede, and silk into your all black repertoire.

Those are my quick go-to tips to elevating all black. Let me know how they work out for you and if you have any tips yourself.



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