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Dishing on Denim: Blogger Q & A

After my latest post "The Laws of Denim" and learning proper denim etiquette I began to wonder what my girls thought about all of this jeans business. So I reached out to three fashionistas that were sure to keep it 100 and share what's really going on in their closets. Not to mention I'm super grateful that these beauties were available and willing to share their fashion expertise with us because they are the TRUTH.

Let's just say these queens aka Megs, Alexandra, and Zamar are slaying the game! They're pinterest pinnable, #FashionGoals, and the instagram friends you wish you were shopping with in real life. They're simply incredible.Be sure to check out their personal websites which are linked in their interviews and without further ado let's break down this denim.

EEH Denim Tip: Boyfriend jeans are one of my fave denim styles because they are EASY. I got these from the actual men's department and tailored the waist for a perfect fit. They can be dressed up or down and most importantly you can slay COMFORTABLY!

Q & A


Meet Megs

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EEH: As a fashion stylist what's one jean cut/style that you would recommend looking good on any woman, whether curvy or slim?

Megs: The best denim style for all shapes and sizes of women is boyfriend jeans! You can never go wrong with having this style of jean in your closet. Unlike ‘Mom Jeans’ they’re not high-waisted, so for those who are concerned about their shape or weight, there’s no need to worry with a bomb pair of distressed light or dark wash pair of boyfriend jeans!

EEH: Should we have multiple colors/ washes of denim in our closets or just stick to the classic blues?

Megs: Most definitely have various denim washes because you always want to make sure they flow with whatever you’re pairing them with. For instance, if you’re rocking bright colors, a great contrast is light wash denim. However, the benefit of having both washes, is that they can go with universal colors like red. You can never go wrong with red!

EEH: What's your go to trick to take your denim jeans from drab to fab?

Megs: Distress, distress, distress! I absolutely cannot rock a pair of jeans that don’t have a little wear and tear to them even if they’re brand new. I’m a huge thrifter so majority of my jeans are thrifted which makes them great for distressing!

EEH:What denim brands are proving to be the perfect fit for you and why?

Megs: Honestly, because I thrift for my jeans, there is a huge variety of brands in my closet! I have from Levi to Wrangler. I do own one pair of FashionNova jeans which fit me great and hug all the right curves. I can say their brand of jeans will look great on any woman of any shape or size.


Meet Alexandra

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EEH: Does every woman need at least one pair of jeans in her closet and why?

Alexandra: Absolutely! Denim has always been a staple in my closet. They're 100% cotton that can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion.

EEH: How do you guarantee that your jeans articulate your personal style?

Alexandra: I like to think I dress a little outside of the box, so i can almost guarantee that any pair of jeans I am wearing will have some sort of funky element. Whether its some hardware embroidery or patchwork detailing!

EEH: What are your favorite go to pair of jeans and why?

Alexandra: Currently its a pair of cropped, flared, multi-toned 7 for all mankind jeans because they are super vintage inspired and can spice up any t shirt or button down top. They make any look more fun.

EEH: What are your favorite denim brand(s) for spring and summer?

Alexandra: I really love 7 for all mankind for their vintage take on denim, I love Good American for their fit and comfort, and Revice denim for their innovation and funky flare.


Meet Zamar

photos courtesy of: Instagram @ _zamarlewis_

ATTENTION: Zamar made these jeans and creates so many other styles!

EEH: How many pairs of jeans do you think every woman should have in their closet & is their a limit?

Zamar: I believe every woman should have at least 3 perfect pairs of denim. Fitted pairs. One blue, one black, and one boyfriend (either color) Personally there are no limits lol clearly I have a problem. At one point I owned over 125 pairs. Obviously that’s overdoing it, but no limits! Whatever your heart desires.

EEH: How do you properly care for your denim so that they can have longevity?

Zamar: As far as longevity goes, I try my best to buy great quality denim, because I have OCD. So I’m a weirdo, I wash my jeans every wear. I know it’s not good, but most of my jeans are bomb quality, so they stay in great condition!

EEH: What makes a pair of jeans a WINNER for you?

Zamar: A winner pair of jeans to me looks good on the booty lol. No really, what girl doesn’t put on a pair of jeans and the first thing she looks at is the back. Good pockets are key and so is stitching. I’m not a lover of true religions, but I’m obsessed with their orange stitched denim. It just adds that extra funk.

EEH: As a designer what's an easy tip you would recommend for any girl to spice up their denim?

Zamar: Spicing up denim is super easy and rewarding. YouTube is by far my best friend. And I will turn nothing into something real quick. I have issues with length, my legs are long. And pants may fit perf, when I buy them, but once they’ve been washed a couple times, they shrink, so it’s time to make them shorts. For example, a basic pair of denim may get boring and because summer is almost here you may want to spice them up. So distress them!! It’s a tad bit tedious if you want them super detailed, but it’s far from impossible. And once you’ve finished and accomplished the look, you’ll be excited! EEH: What inspired you to recreate & put a different spin on jeans as a stylist and where do we go to purchase some of your designs?

Zamar: Denim is an essential in my world. Honestly everything around me inspired me to start to put a spin on jeans. I love fashion, but I got tired of seeing everybody in the same exact things. So I started playing with different designs. I came across a designer named Greg Lauren and his designs really inspired me to try putting different fabrics together, to do patchwork, and just run with it. All of my designs can be purchased from my page @_ZaMarLewis_ !


Thanks Ladies for this fabulous

dose of denim tea!




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