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The Laws of Denim: Modern Jean Etiquette

Babes, I recently ran across an instagram caption from a credible fashion source that had me shook! I found out that every woman should ONLY have 5 pair of jeans in her repertoire! I'm not sure how crazy that sounds to you but I literally had no clue that an appropriate jean number even existed. With this fashion tea officially spilled I started wondering what else don't we know about modern day jean etiquette.

In an attempt to level us up I'm sharing 3 affordable jean brands that prove to be the perfect fit and the 6 denim laws that can change our closet trajectory FOREVA.

Affordable Denim Brands

I'm crushing on this Spring & Summer

Old Navy



"Trafaluc denimwear"

Distressed Denim are my go-to this Spring if you haven't noticed

American Eagle

"Vintage High- Rise Slim"

The 6 Denim Laws

1. Ten Max

If you haven't spilled your brunch mimosas on your jeans or gotten sweaty in them you can wear them multiple times before a wash! Word in the fashion streets is that you can get away with ten solid wears before you throw them in the wash. And when you do wash them turning them inside out prevents excessive fading and color loss.

2. Throw'EM In The Oven

Yep, you heard me right. But before you go any further I want to be clear I EEH, have NEVER tried this tip.So don't blame me if something goes wrong lol. However,some other fashionistas say you can crank up your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and place your folded jeans on one of the racks for an hour. Then let them cool before wearing. But if you're anything like me and afraid you will have a baby fire in your hard earned home then you can stick your jeans in the freezer overnight. Either way, the experts say you'll rid your jeans of any odor-causing bacterias.

3. Cancel Laundry Day!
Word on the street is that washing your favorite pairs of jeans too often is not the move! Not only do jeans NOT NEED to be washed often experts say they SHOULDN'T be washed often. According to Madewell's blog "This keeps the color from fading and will add that certain je ne sais quoi to your favorite pair."

4. Air Dry

Give a big NO to tumbling & a huge YES to air drying! Canceling the dryer will expand the life expectancy of your jeans. Hang them indoors and definitely out of the sunlight because it can be a color snatcher. P.s. Don't be afraid if your jeans are a bit stiff afterwards they should soften up after one good wear.

5. Shades

As a general rule of thumb in the denim world, lighter shades equal bigger and darker shades equal smaller. So if you're going for thick thighs and and a plump booty then lighter shades are your best friend and if you're all about sliming your silhouette then the darker the better.

6. No Dry Cleaning

A quick trip to the dry cleaners is an easy fix and sure to make your jeans smell and look pretty, but all those chemicals can take a toll on the fabric by killing it slowly. "An alternative solution to get rid of odors is to steam your jeans.Spend a few minutes using a steam iron on your jeans. Just don't directly apply the iron to your denim, as this can alter the original finish."



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