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Fitness: Bounce Class Review

Ladies, I am so excited to share with you a new venture I'm on with one of the coolest ladies in fitness! I am officially hitting the streets of Atlanta with Aeshia Devore- Branch, founder of Pretty Girls Sweat! We're on the hunt to rate the coolest, sweatiest, most innovative, workout studios in the Atl.

I'm sure we have all wanted to up the ante a time or two in our fitness journey but just didn't know where to go and were completely over being in a traditional gym setting. I mean a girl wants to experience more than just weight lifting or walking on a treadmill right!? If that's been your story too…this is the part where me and Aeshia are whisked in with capes on to save the day.

We are taking all of the guess work out of finding a studio that's for sure going to get you moving, hopefully sweating, and doing it in a fun & unique way. We can't guarantee every review will be a perfect 10 but no worries because we're taking all the L's for you! But of course our goal is to discover fitness gems all around the city so we can all jump onto some pretty cool fitness trends and have a great time while doing it.

With that being said here is our first review with Define Body & Mind Atlanta where we took on their Bounce class! Check out our video review below and let me know in the comments if you would be willing to try this super cool & sweaty class!

P.S. I was ALSO a guest on Aeshia's new podcast! We talked fitness, my college years, and how I'm balancing life as a crazy creative and fashion & lifestyle blogger. here's the link for you to check it out. click HERE




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Video & Fitness Photography

By B.Alyssa Trofort

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Website: Here

Define Body & Mind Atlanta offers barre, cycling, trampoline, hammock, and yoga classes

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Fitness Girl Squad

Be sure to sign up for a class at Define Body & Mind with owner Jessica by clicking HERE

The Pretty Girls Sweat squad was lit as usual and the sisterhood was on a million! Click HERE to learn more about the fitness magic they're spreading all over the world .

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There is nothing equal to the power of women linking up for a positive change


Final thoughts:

If you you couldn't tell by my sweat count this class was way more challenging then I thought it would be. But I for sure had an amazing time jumping around like a kid again while burning OVER 600 calories!

I would definitely do it again and you should try it too! For more info on Define Body & Mind Atlanta & their bounce class click HERE and when you get there tell them Ebonne & Aeshia sent you!

Huge Thanks to Define Body & Mind for their incredible service & hospitality!!!

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