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Rendezvousing in Reno

This winter I was invited to jet set cross country to

explore Reno Nevada with a group of amazing creatives. From influencers to bloggers and cutting edge photographers we packed up and headed west to see what Reno had to offer us. I will admit I didn't know much about Reno or Nevada in general before arriving but I can now say with confidence that it is definitely a top destination to visit.

I was so pleasantly surprised that I feel like Nevada is a destination everyone should visit at least once. And if I'm keeping it all the way real once won't even cut it. Yes,it's just that much beauty to take in. So basically us influencers had such a great time that I couldn't bear to leave you and your squad out of all of this travel goodness. So here's what I've come up with...

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5 Reasons Your Squad

Should Rendezvous in Nevada

1. The Views

The spectacular scenery we saw in Reno,Tahoe, and Fallon were literally breathtaking. The views are hands down the top reason why I will return. Every nature pic we took literally looked like we were standing in front of a holiday backdrop at the mall. And the best part is you don't even have to travel far to see the beautiful scenery. As soon as you step outside of the airport the magic begins. From snow topped mountains to sandy desert mounds you are sure to witness and capture insane views that look like they were made from movie magic.

2. Tours

We took a couple of tours to various distilleries to learn how beer, bourbon,gin,vodka,and absinthe is produced in Nevada. And of course sipping was allowed and encouraged along the tour. We also visited a dispensary because marijuana is legal in Nevada. I unfortunately couldn't take pics inside of the dispensary to give you a peek.But just know as a non smoker my mind was blown. No pun intended. This shop was so nice and literally looked like a high class jewelry store with gummy bears, teas,loli pops, healing treatments, and green plants in glass cases.

Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

Click HERE to visit the ranch's IG Page

A little birdie told me that Frey Ranch Estate & Distillery

has free tours & tastings on Saturday's

Click HERE to call and get more info

Side note: One of the reasons why I'm obsessed with travel is because whether you do or don't partake in the lifestyle of the places you're visiting you have been given a priceless opportunity. An opportunity to connect with new people,experience a culture that is similar to yours or drastically different, and most importantly add to your arsenal of life tools. Because there is always something needed you can get from traveling that can be applied to your current circumstances that will elevate your life.

I'm pretty sure we were saying

"what do you mean all the Bourbon is gone!? "

3.Cocktails One of the cool things about our trip was that a few of the restaurants we were invited to incorporated a couple of the liqueurs we saw being produced at the distilleries.So we for sure had a full circle experience. Let's just say the alcohol was impeccable on its own so imagine how much greater it was once the mixologists got their hands on it!

Oh and the food was pretty good as well! I will admit some restaurants were better than others but my favorite restaurants were Cantina and The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery. Cantina was the fun & flirty mexican restaurant in our hotel lobby at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.And The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery had the best brussel sprouts I've ever tried sautéed in maple sherry vinaigrette topped with bacon! Insert emoji raised gratitude hands and drops mic. It was an appetizer but it could have EASILY been my entire meal!!


I'm not a gambler (Not against it just never tried it)

but if that's your thing Nevada definitely has you covered! Our hotel lobby at GSR which is the largest hotel- casino in Northern Nevada was a gorgeous decked out casino filled with a sea of travelers around the clock. Even if gambling is not your thing I've learned that casinos are truly where the party is!

All Black Dinner Party at The Depot

Click HERE to visit the Depot's IG Page

5. Ski Resorts

Everyone should go visit a dope ski resort! Whether you're crushing the slopes as an expert or involuntarily eating snow on the slopes as a beginner. I believe skiing is lifetime experience worth being exposed to because it elevates you to new horizons . Its a form of exercise, fun to do solo or with your squad, definitely daring, and an opportunity to feel like you've accomplished something. And it's always a good excuse to take in more of Nevada's breathtaking views.

This incredible guy was our host at Diamond Peak!

P.S. We ski'd & lounged at the Diamond Peak Ski Resort. It was nothing short of phenomenal…take the gondola lift up to the top of the mountain and have lunch on the patio while sipping hot chocolate spiked with Baileys & Kahlua . It's a must and sure to not disappoint.

Meet The Squad


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If you still didn't get enough of our trip to Nevada check out the video @capturedby_Ty created of some of our most epic moments.



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