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Six Target V-Day Gifts under $30 bucks

Two things I love doing is celebrating love and buying affordable gifts. Yes, love definitely can be and should be celebrated every single day and it doesn't require gifts to do so. However, this is a Valentine's post. So here I am to rescue you from running all over the city like a mad woman looking for amazing gifts while trying NOT to spend all of your hard earned money.

I've picked 6 gifts just for you that are each under $30 dollars and are thoughtful,needed, beautiful, and can be purchased at one store...TARGET! (You know I live and breathe for a good target find!)

These tokens of love can be purchased for yourself (self care lol), your mom, sisters, best friend, boss, or whatever woman you want to shower with love. And if you're anything like me I would slide this post to ANY man in your life as the perfect Target gift guide to meet your Valentine's Day needs. Everybody needs a little guiding you know lol. Now, let's get to these 6 amazing affordable gifts!

Glass Jewelry Case

They say diamonds are a girls best friend for a reason but where is she is suppose to house all of her gems once she get's them!? I believe what you keep & protect your jewelry in is equally as important as the jewels themselves.

Click here to purchase this timeless glass hexagon jewelry case


Fragranced Candles

A beautiful candle set is one of the best ways to shift energy and lighten the mood. You can never go wrong with fresh vibrant scents filling your space for the perfect session of aromatherapy.

Click here to purchase the Aqua Blossom "Passion" soy candle….

btw it smells like a dream .


Amber is hands down in my top 5 favorite fragrances and this candle smells divine! Click here to purchase the Amber & Vetiver Tin Candle 10.2oz - Bella by Illume®


Click here to purchase Chesapeake Bay Candle "Blue Skies"



Whether it's filled with tea, coffee, water, or wine a fun & flirty mug is always a must for a woman who's about her business.

Click here to purchase the " Wifey" Clay Art® Stackable Porcelain

Coffee Mug 15oz White


Click here to purchase the "Hello Love" Coffee Mug 15oz - Threshold™


Luxurious Robe

What's a better way to show love then to hand your loved one a gorgeous robe and tell them to take some time off for some much needed self care. And let's be honest the goal is always to be stylish and as comfy as possible.

Click here to purchase the floral -print Gilligan & O'Malley™ Black robe


French Press

Nothing screams fancy like saying " I make french pressed coffee at HOME" . If you have a coffee lover in your life then they'll definitely appreciate this boho chic ceramic French Press.

Click here to purchase the Chantal Ceramic French Press 4 Cup - Fade Gray


Boss Up Supplies

Does it seem corny to have office supplies on a V-DAY gift list? Well, let me tell you the one person who won't think it's corny…your loved one that's a BOSS! Any person that's in love with their job, constantly leveling up, and passionately pursuing their dreams would love to receive beautiful gifts that help them stay organized and inspired! Trust me these are the perfect gifts for the girl boss in your life!

Click here to purchase Marble Journal

with Gold Foil, 5" x 7.25" - DesignWorks Ink


A lot of these inspirational notebooks,journals, and desk plates are in store only so be sure to go get yours quickly before they're all gone!

click here to purchase the "2018" Blue Sky Carrera 8 1/2 x 11 Planner - Black



Happy Valentine's Day Girl's


Happy Shopping

Remember its not how much a gift costs that makes it special. It's the amount of thought and love that goes into gifting it! -EEH

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