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Quote of the week:

"There is no elevator to success,

you have to take the stairs."

We have all had those moments where we want what we want…and we want it right now! I can remember as a little girl being so afraid to pray for patience because I felt like I was asking God to bring me situations where I would purposely have to wait. However, as an adult I now understand that we ask for patience because the "waiting process" is built into EVERYTHING, whether you ask for it or not. So patience is basically a gift to help you make it through your journey without loosing your mind or forfeiting your dreams.

I will admit that there is no time limit on success. Success manifests itself at different times and in various ways for everybody. But I do know for sure that there is always a journey connected to success. It's not a one stop shop.Whether you define success as making a lot of money, being a present parent, achieving employee of the month, or traveling the world for a living. Every form of success has a stepping stone process. Requiring us to make a clear decision, believing relentlessly in that decision, working towards the decision, and not giving up on that decision.

So while you're pursuing your dreams rest in the fact that you will make it to your desired destination and it will be an ever evolving process. But also know that's what makes your story juicy, worth telling, and more importantly strengthens you to handle ALL that comes in the fine print of your dream.



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