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Quote of the week:

“Your life will be defined as much by the things you say no to, as the things to which you say yes.”

Saying yes to the right people and things are always good right!? Yes to business opportunities,yes to doing the work, yes to being a “team player”, yes to the gym, and the list can go on and on. However, we are rarely taught about the necessary no’s that also assist us in having a successful life. And no I’m not solely speaking of monetary success I’m also speaking of emotional, spiritual, and relational success.

The reality is that in order to be your best self it’s not only going to take some yes’ but also some no’s. No to “friends” that aren’t ultimately going in the same positive direction as you.No to significant others that bring more pain and confusion than joy and clarity. No to dead end jobs that aren’t in alignment with what you ultimately want to do in life and also saying no to instant gratification so you can gift yourself with a yes towards longevity.

Ultimately, you have to know whether a yes or a no is appropriate for your specific situation but just know that no is equally as powerful and elevating as a yes.And the power remains the same despite you being on the giving or receiving end of it. Take this quote into the week with you and milk it for all its worth! Until the next #QOTW have a fashionable and productive week!



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