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Friends Giving REMIX

Well folks it’s here again! It’s that time of year where it’s all about food, family, friends and hosting the coziest holiday parties.I’m kicking off my holiday season with my intimate EEH Friends-Giving party. It’ll be just like last year but this time with a major plot twist!

Well, I guess that means it won’t be just like last year’s

...but it’ll still be a blast and definitely have good vibes.

This time around I’m going quite literal and breaking down the party title Friends-Giving and doing just that! I’m gonna be a bomb friend (if I may say so myself lol) and host some fabulous friends so we can all give to a friend who’s creating her BEST LIFE! Catch my drift?

In a nutshell I’m rounding up a group of women (who are all friends of the guest of honor) and we are all giving in love and support in celebration of the recent accomplishments of our dear friend and guest of honor Kristen! Cool idea right!?

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I decided to celebrate my fellow girl boss Kristen because she is a talented self-published author and life coach that is releasing her 2nd book! And to me all that magic deserves to be celebrated in style and of course over some delicious food and boozy cocktails! So if you and your friends wanna get in on all of this giving here’s my…

Step by Step Guide

to Hosting the Perfect

Friends-Giving Remix!

Step 1: Pick a dope friend to celebrate. I know you have so many friends that are bomb and doing incredible things so take some time to select that special person who deserves some shine.

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Step 2: Choose your intimate location. Your party location doesn’t have to be uber fancy just a comfortable venue that you know will accommodate your guests. I chose my home because it’s cozy, great for entertaining, and honestly because I just love having a reason to have people over.

Step 3: Create a party menu & fill your guest’s belly! There is no great party without food. Your food options don’t have to be heavy but food is necessary. If you’re not in the mood for an extensive menu do like I did and just have lite bites.

(I created a build your own nacho bar…it was so yummy)

Step 4: Set the tone for the party .I love laying down my house rules so that everyone can be on the same page and have the same vibe. Now don’t go so deep that you take out all of the fun… my rules are nothing major but they are a for sure way to direct the energy of my party while starting a light hearted conversation with my guests.

Step 5: Make your space pretty. You don’t have to break the bank to decorate or spend a lot of time doing it. Fresh flowers and linen table cloth can take a party a long way!

Step 6: Keep your guests entertained! Put together some games and activities that will keep your guests occupied in between their mingling. One of my hacks is to always invite cool people who love to talk and who are always doing new stuff. There seems to never be a dull moment with people like that.

Step 7: Customize a celebratory drink. It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage but it’s always cute to create a unique cocktail or mock tail in celebration of your event. Make it tasty, pretty, and accompanied by a heartfelt toast and I guarantee your friends will be raving about your mixology skills all night long!

Step 8: Gift your honoree! What’s a Friend-Giving Remix Party if you’re not planning to give!? So get creative and ask all your guests to bring a small token of love for your friend of honor! They’ll love it and if each gift is tailored to be meaningful and needed for your honoree it makes this remix of a party 10 times better!

(Since Kristen is an author we all gifted her

with one book each that personally changed our lives

and we also brought money to purchase her new book)

Happy Giving!


P.S. The party was a surprise to Kristen

and it turned out to be an absolute hit!

There wasn't one dry eye in the room

by the end of the night.


Friends-Giving REMIX"



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