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Prepping for Cuba

As of lately I've been been itching to jump on a plane and just take a dope trip to an exotic location. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is and just make it happen & buy a ticket. So,guys I'm headed to Cuba! I chose Cuba because it's jam packed with culture, traditional architecture, great food, tasty cocktails, bright classic cars, and swoon worthy beaches. I'm beyond siked to go because Cuba will definitely give me my travel fix and make for the perfect end of the summer getaway. I'm headed there soon. Like tomorrow soon lol. But before I go I'll let you in on how I prepped for this impromptu international trip. And of course I'll be sure to dish the deets on the ins and outs of Cuba once I get back. Until then…happy travels to me!

10 things I needed to make this trip easy and a couple of things I literally needed in order to go.

Cuban Visa: Yep, a visa is definitely needed for this trip and it takes all of 10-20 minutes to retrieve it at the airport. I just went up to my airlines kiosk desk and filled out my info and paid $50 and I was all set. Just in case you were wondering I selected education as my reason to travel to Cuba being that I'm doing some research and documenting while over there.

Passport: Everyone pretty much knows you need a passport to check in for an international flight but keep in mind when getting your Visa you also need to bring your passport with you.

Light Weight Clothes: It's hot there! So shorts, skirts, and crop tops it is.

Protective hair style: So its no secret that I'm a black girl with natural hair. So when I read and heard first hand that it was stupid humid in Cuba I immediately knew in order to enjoy my trip I needed

to get a protective style. I'm not the girl that likes fretting on vacation…especially about hair. So I tried Mambo twists for the first time. They came out super cute and is a guarantee that my hair will remain the same all day lol. I'll take some pictures for ya.

Mosquito Repellent: I heard this was definitely needed. And as I type this I'm realizing i don't have any ( immediately writes in agenda to stop by Wallgreens in the morning)

Sunscreen: I plan to be beaching it up so we all know this is necessary.

Cleansing Wipes: I recently had a friend return from Cuba and all I kept hearing was how hot it was and how her and her travel buddies had to take multiple showers a day! So when you can't reach a shower while out in the streets …cleansing refresh wipes will have to do the trick!

Umbrella: Not only is it predicted to rain a bit but an umbrella is also a great way to beat the heat.

Euros: Cash is what is mostly accepted in Cuba so don't even count on using your debit/credit card I heard. Cuban money is referred to as pesos or cucs and you will get less money back when you exchange an American dollar for a cuc. So I have been advised to exchange my money to euros first then exchange to cucs once I land in Cuba (I exchanged my dollars to euros in advance via online banking and my foreign currency was delivered to my local bank the next day. I opted to do it this way because it was less work on me and it costs less than doing it at the airport.)

Extra bag for gifts: One of the activities I'm longing to do is visit the local markets. I am gushing to find some great souvenirs, a straw bag, and maybe some traditional artwork for my house.

Extra tissue: I'm not sure if it's true or not but I've read some blogs that say tissue can be low or non existent in public restrooms so bring your own. I hope I can label this as a myth once I get back but for now I'll be taking some flushable wet wipes with me.

The rest I'll learn and adapt to as I go. I hope these tips either help you prepare for your tip to Cuba or encourage you to get there. Either way it's always good to know and if you have some travel tips be sure to share below. I would love to know:)



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