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Quote of The Week:

“Self- love is recognizing and prioritizing your potential before someone else’s.”

Sounds kind of selfish doesn’t it? But I wonder why we think that positively supporting ourselves emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, or mentally is somewhat negative. Or it’s something that shouldn’t be done consistently because there are other people who are in need of our support. I’m sure society has something to do with it and what we have seen growing up in our homes plays a major role too. Just thinking of this further validates how this whole adulting thing can be team too much, especially when it requires you to unlearn what you’ve been programmed for years and now learn what actually helps you to be your healthiest most authentic self.

I personally feel like life is about balance. I can support my friends, family, and community while still supporting myself. I have absolutely nothing to lend anyone else if I’m not good. It’s the same as the airplane oxygen scenario. You put your oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on your loved one …duh lol. I know this can be a challenging for some but I think it’s important to be reminded that you count too!

So prioritize yourself and your potential. Invest in yourself through time, money, travel, whatever it is that feeds your soul and your life’s highest purpose…do that. And if someone wants to leave your life or dim your light because your actions support your healthiest vision of yourself then let them go! Trust, as you better yourself you will attract other people and opportunities that are in alignment with your high vibes.



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