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If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm an inspiration enthusiasts. I actually call myself an inspirationalist.It may be a Sagittarius thing or just an Ebonne thing but I love the idea and action of being enlightened. Basically wisdom and personal growth is my jam. I know I sound like an old lady lol or maybe not but my appetite for growth is easily one of my top 3 attributes that yield me the most success. So when I was thinking of something new to dish about this week I thought I would bring you in on my love for quotes. Now I'm not the girl who memorizes them but I definitely use them to fuel me through my long days and weeks. So I'll be featuring a quote a week and chit chat a bit about why I thought it was dope enough to make the blog. Hopefully this series gives you the inspo you need and kicks your week off to a great start.

Quote of The Week:

"Don't confuse movement with progress,cause you can run in place all day and not get anywhere"- Denzel Washington

Girl, if this isn't a game changer quote I don't know what is! I'm sure we can all identify with having our calendars filled to capacity, "booked busy and blessed" Mon-Sun, and very little time to rest because we are always making money moves. But let's be many of those moves are really making us money,deepening our relationships, adding stamps to our passports, increasing our mental peace…how many of them are physically creating the life we want? Or is our to-do list just a bunch of busy body fillers that make us feel better about ourselves because we LOOK like we are moving.

I mean if you haven't materialized a few of those new year new me goals yet from January ….I would put money on it that there is confusion going on somewhere with movement vs actual progress.

Remedy: I would suggest doing a self check in and honestly asking yourself what are you doing or NOT doing in order to take your career, travel,relationships, health, finances, etc. higher. Because if we are keeping it real we should be making tangible plans & steps EVERYDAY. The plan may not go down without a hitch, but that's life. Just adjust and recommit through action.

Let's start making some REAL moves by getting our dreams out of our heads and allowing them to live in our reality. We have to because honestly nobody has time be running in place. It's just a waste of time,energy, and a good outfit.

Lets Make It Happen,


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