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Atlanta PeachFest

You know I'm a girl who appreciates a good meal so when PeachFest invited me to attend and blog about their first festival of peaches you know I was all in! When I tell you that this event was incredible I mean absolutely In-cred-i-ble! From the food, cocktails, decor, fashion (cause you know I'm a sucker for some good street style) and the over all good vibes... this PeachFest is destined to be a for sure keeper for the city of Atlanta.

Let's quit the small talk and jump right into all of the yumminess I got myself into at this years PeachFest. Just know that the festival featured dishes & cocktails that incorporated peaches and/or pork. Just in case you're wondering where all of these pics of meat dishes are coming from lol. Annnnd the most important part is that a portion of the tickets proceeds went towards charity!

Alright let's get to these peaches...

Flatiron city was such an amazing location for this festival…for a second I forgot that I was in the city of Atlanta.

Can you tell I'm ready to grub!?

For more info on PeachFest because you definitely should go next year…CLICK HERE

Peach, bacon, and jalapeno pizza.

The sweetness of the peach paired perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon and the jalapeño packed a nice punch at the end.

This festival was comfortably packed…next year I'm sure there will be way more people. P.S. you see how perfect this location is right!?

This particular vodka company uses actual Georgia Peaches to make their Peach Vodka!

Peach Vodka paired with Lemonade. So yummy!

Have you ever tried picked watermelon!? Well here it is….and it's divine! Just in case you're wondering where the peaches come in…the BBQ sauce is peach flavored :)

The smokiness of this pulled pork sandwich was on another level…like beyond delicious. So I've decided that this pickled watermelon/smoked pulled pork sandwich

may be the best I've ever had!

Drinks on Drinks on Drinks

Peach Margarita Sorbet w/ a shot of Vanilla Peach Vodka :)

I caught up with blogger babe Cameron aka @sea_greene_ who did the PR for this fun festival alongside Robert (not pictured but he's equally amazing:) Follow this #girlboss on IG…click HERE

If you're from Atlanta then you're very familiar with highway 75…so you can only imagine how this cocktail tastes lol. Hint: look how little the cup is lmao. Strong but good!!!

One of my faves!

The plating of this dish was so pretty.

Peach Beer. You can find this flavor at your local grocery store.

The best Peach BBQ Sauce Ever.

Pork Rinds

Pork Rind Taco w/pulled pork …there's a first time for everything lol

Like mother like daughter…we like to eat:)

Brie and Peach Chutney …literally tasted like heaven.

Cocktail Judges… I'm sure they had a car service to help them home

If i could describe this cocktail in one word I would say…"comforting". This drink is definitely made for every winter holiday event and puts you in the mindset of being in the comfort of your childhood home. Maybe because of the oatmeal …or maybe its the coffee beans? Either way this cocktail is a winner.

The coffee beans added a nice touch.

Oh yes they had desserts!

Atlanta Street Style

Being a lover of fashion you know I couldn't pass up a good style moment! Here are a few festival goers who rocked their threads boldly.

She was so sweet and cute! Mixing blues, oranges, and patterns effortlessly. Oh and her jet black wavy bob was killer too!

She was a classic gem with her off white blazer vest from Zara.You know I love me a good Zara find!

All black everything except for his sneakers which matched his locs. He had such a cool vibe.

I could not get enough of the fabulous detail in her jumpsuit! I want this romper so badly!!!

These fly girls were all smiles and nothing short of magical ! They flaunted their festival style with bold patterns,ruffles, a touch of lace, and the prettiest of summer tones.

This chic mommy and her babe were festival style perfection. Talk about a mommy with a LIFE and not afraid to LIVE it practically, comfortably & fashionably! Mommy goals for sure:)

As you can see the the PeachFest Vibes were so magical . I didn't meet a stranger and apparently neither did she lol

I spotted this beauty when she walked in and was like "I have to take a pic of her!" From her blunt cut, mod dress, socks, sun glasses, multicolored lei...all of it was captivating. She was so authentically herself and that to me is what true style is.

PeachFest 2017



For Such

A Sweet Time!



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