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Girl Code- 4 Best Messages: Beach Bum Edition

Hey there Lovers,

Over the past couple of years I have been very intentional about taking steps to not only live my best life but to live it to the fullest. In pursuit of defining and reaching my goals I heard about the book Girl Code:Unlocking the secrets to success,sanity,and happiness for the female entrepreneur. It's one of those books that really gets you out of your downward spiral moods. You know one of those lazy, girl boss hating, pity party having, insecure, excuse making, fearful moods. Go on and admit it, you've been in one of those moods before too lol. So here are a few of the powerful messages I ran across reading this fabulous "get it together" girl power book.

psss…I read this entire book while on the beach. What can I say, it's the best office away from the office. And to top this post off I'll throw in a few of my beach bum pics in my all time favorite red bikini. Well, its actually my only red bikini but you get my drift…I really really love it!

Girl Code Message: One of the biggest traps we fall into as women is the comparison trap, the “she’s got it all trap”, the “she has more fans trap”, or the “she’s making more money” trap.

EEH: Let’s be honest ladies we have all played the comparison game a time or two and if we keep it all the way funky we are probably the MVP's of this lousy game .But how could we not be with social media at our finger tips? We can browse “best outfits”, “coolest trips, “top girl boss", “relationship goals”, and all of the other hashtags that lead to mixed emotions and a glass of chardonnay. I mean I get it, but I’ve also discovered that sometimes the best option is to either limit social media or take a full on break. Also when you take some time daily to jot down your personal strengths that make you unique and great it reminds you of how dope you really are.

A good tip mentioned in Girl Code was to turn your envy into empowerment by coming to terms with the fact that if a fellow girl boss can be THAT incredible you can too! So don't hesitate to send her an email, a card, or DM thanking her for inspiring you or perhaps even go a step further and set up a coffee date to pick her brain. The point is there is enough to go around for everyone so there is no need to fret and feel like there is no room for you and your greatness. And plus comparison stifles your creativity. So stay in your lane and learn to trust your magic while celebrating the magic of the women around you.

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Girl Code Message: “We have to undo our programmed thinking that we cannot have what we want in life, or we should feel guilty, shameful, or selfish for wanting everything.”

EEH: It’s your world baby girl and you can make it whatever you’d like! Sometimes as women we can be shunned for “being too much”, “doing too much”, and “wanting too much”, but uuuh news flash we were put on this earth to LIVE an ABUNDANT life, and that means to play BIG. So if you want the marriage, or no marriage, the career, the kiddos, no kiddos, the money, the pet, the wardrobe, the friendships, family travel time, solo travel time, good health, spiritual endeavors, AND the hobby ….you can have it all!

Keys to manifesting it all

  • believe that you are worthy/can have it all

  • apply strategic action to manifest it all

  • consciously make room for what you desire instead of making room for the opposite

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Girl Code Message: “A huge part of being an entrepreneur is knowing that you are constantly sowing seeds. It’s not always about instant gratification, or the immediate sale or connection. People are watching you all the time, so you’d better be putting your best foot forward.”

EEH:The focus should always be to do YOUR best and stay consistent with your actions. Living up to your highest potential and doing what you know to do are your daily seeds to sow. And remember it takes time to see your seeds develop. So don’t become distracted by not seeing the end result just yet. It’s coming. Just keep working!

Girl Code Message: "If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or thinking you don’t have time to work on your business, then think again. You can eliminate more things out of your day than you realize. Work during your commute, wake up an hour earlier, and slice your time on Facebook in half. Instead of surfing the Web during your lunch hour, use that time to dream up new ideas or research a new project. Give up Netflix for a night. We all have the same hours in a day. It’s how you choose to spend them that counts. And there is always, always a choice. "

EEH:Now this message got me all the way together! I’ll admit I have been the girl that says “I don’t have enough time in the day”. So basically Girl Code is saying that’s a lie! Because there is somebody else in the world accomplishing twice as much as me with the same amount of hours in the day. Which I will grudgingly admit Girl Code is correct. So I’m making it my personal mission to be a better steward of my time by eliminating the time devourers in my routine and most importantly by making the necessary sacrifices in order to be better and go higher. And let me tell ya…one of the goals is to make it a habit to wake up at 5 am to get in some blog time!!! It may be a challenge but I’m hungry enough to go for it. Join me if you’d like and wish me luck on this journey of making room to go higher!

What I Wore:

Swimsuit: Target

Kimono: Zara

Turban: Purchased red fabric from

my local fabric store

Be sure to snag this amazing read by Cara Alwill Leyva!

Let me know one action step you plan to take in order to increase your personal happiness and success :)



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