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"Real Deal" Father Daughter Workout

We are officially in that season where less is more, skin is in, and every caption is ending in #summertimefine. We all know we want to look great in our bikinis, swim trunks, and do our best "life is good" pose on the beach while slaying on vacay. But if we're honest with ourselves the challenge to get to our best summer bodies begins long before our feet ever hit the sand. It normally starts with not liking something that we see that leads us to the greatest changes.

For me it was not so much physical but more so mental. I began to notice that health issues were popping up all around my loved ones in various forms. Like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, strokes, and even massive heart attacks. So I decided enough is enough and to take responsibility for my own life, while hopefully encouraging others to join me on the journey. So I called up the realest guy I know, the ultimate gym rat, the best workout buddy in the dad! AKA the "Real Deal Evander Holyfield".

In an effort to promote being healthy mind, body, and spirit we hit the gym and created a weightless daddy daughter workout video. Yep, no weights required, you can do our moves anywhere, and the best part is you're NOT REQUIRED to do it alone. So throw on your best work out gear, call up your partner in crime , and get ready to click play because we are about to sweat it out.

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Father Daughter Duo

And the winner by TKO ….The "Real Deal"... EBONNE HOLYFIELD!!! lol

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