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Bad Mama Jama: Mother's Day Makeover

If you know me well, you know I have an old soul. And a part of having an old soul is loving old school music. I'm talking Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Commodores, Aretha and all of the jams that make you feel a way in your soul.

So as usual I'm at home jamming to oldies and "she's a bad mama jama" by Carl Carlton hits my Pandora station. I immediately drop everything and go into a full out dance session. Not only did I get my ENTIRE LIFE but I found the PERFECT blog title for this SPECIAL post you're reading right now.

Carl says: "She's a beautiful sight to see

She's a bad mama jama Just as fine as she can be

Looks like She's poured into the gold, she bad An essence of beauty Ooo, such lovely hair She's foxy, classy Oh, sexy sassy She's heavenly A treat for the eye to see"

And that 's exactly what these two deserving,INCREDIBLE women are that I've been blessed to makeover. And to be honest, I'm only using this term for a lack of a better word because I'm not really making them over. I'm just re-introducing these beauties to what they've already been working with and providing them with an experience to feel their own magic.

These two women are both hardworking employees at Tyler Perry Studios, hands on mothers,over comers of life's many challenges, and upstanding women that anyone would be privileged to call friend. However, they've both allowed life to put their wants and needs on the back burner.

And since the Guest List represents a lifestyle that believes in the beauty and power of women,I offered these ladies an opportunity to flaunt their stuff and this is the BRILLIANCE we created!

Meet Christi

Christi is a mother of a six, wife of 30 years, and a survivor of multiple health issues that have limited her wardrobe for years. Christi hasn't worn jeans in over 3 years and has lived in over sized tunics and leggings so long that she's forgotten her true dress size . But now, she's declared enough is enough! Under my styling assistance and creative vision we hit the ground running on the hunt for THE perfect dress that complimented her figure and allowed her to feel sophisticated,feminine,and classic. And we did just that in this incredible Ralph Lauren number.

But before we show you her AMAZING new look check out Christi's before picture and where she started before me and my glam squad got her all dolled up.



What Christi Wore

Pearl Jewelry c/o Shane Company

Glasses c/o Peepers

(Click items to shop Christi's look)

Meet Katherine

Katherine is a single mother of three and an active community leader within her church. She has recently become an empty nester with her children now establishing prominent careers within the workforce. As a mother who's children's lives were her life and a business woman working around the clock, Katherine found herself putting her wants and needs on hold - including feeling and looking like the diva she is. So we shopped till we dropped looking for pieces that screamed fun, flirty, elegant, and FIERCE!

Check out Katherine's before picture and where she started before me and my glam squad worked our magic



What Katherine Wore:

( Click item to shop Katherine's look)

Thank you Ladies

for trusting me with your style


Happy Mother's Day

Huge Thank you

to the



Talented Glam Squad

(Click her name to book your next appointment)

Sharryl Smith: Hair Stylist

Behind The scenes

Thank You

to our

Incredible Photographer

(Click to book your next shoot)

"It's not how much we give,

but how much love we put into giving "

-Mother Teresa

"And I loved every second

of giving the gift of

Confidence & Style

BACK to these Queens"


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