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10 Ways to Keep The "Doing" Part Going

It's the start of a new month and what better way to kick it off then to make some lifestyle changes! lol I know we are all guilty of making this goal at the start of every new year and month. But I'm for real this time guys! Well, I was for real those other times too lol but this time it's different. It's different because I've proven to myself that I can do it. I made some smaller goals over the course of this year and I've actually accomplished them. And when I took a moment to think about what contributed to me doing what I said I was going to do it came to down to one thing. And that one thing was hunger.

Not for food but hungry to excel. Excel in my career,relationships, health, and to experience genuine satisfaction. I'm not sure if its because I'm tippin on thirty or what but what I know for sure is that I'm ready to get everything that I desire & deserve. But not only am I ready for it I'm willing to do the necessary work to make it happen.

The work part always seems like the boring part but it's oh so necessary in order to accomplish what we're going to achieve. The work is what nobody advertises. We just see the sexy finished product and begin to think that everything, whether big or small comes with little to no effort. Which is an absolute lie. Anything great that will stand the test of time requires effort, focus, and energy.

I'm not saying it will be a "walk in the park" but here are a few ways I've managed to STAY hungry and accomplish the "doing" part of my dreams.

10 Ways I Keep the "Doing" Part of My Dream Going

1. Identify Goals: It was vital for me to know where I was going. I knew I couldn't hit my target if I didn't know what I was aiming for. So I made it crystal clear what my goals were and I made my goals measurable. So for me to say I want to be healthy or I want to create more blog content would not be enough for to measure my progress or success clearly. A stronger/ clearer option would be I want to be able to run 1 mile without stopping to rest or I want to write and upload two blog post a week. The goal is now clear so there won't be any confusion on if I hit my goal or not.

2. Prioritize: I have a life and quite frankly a lot going on. And Im not currently in a position to focus solely on my "dream job" because I also work a 9-5. So in order to to crush my goals and more importantly make room to accomplish my goals I had to prioritize. I had to figure out what HAS to happen on an everyday basis and what could slide until tomorrow or perhaps the weekend.So for me exercise was a non negotiable. I NEED to carve an hour out of my day minimum to prioritize my health. But my standing dinner date with the girls once a week is definitely negotiable and can be pushed back to the weekend. And now those two hours I would spend laughing and catching up during the week now goes towards getting my ish done.

3. Create a Schedule/ Plan: Once I identified my goals and made space for them I created a realistic schedule that I could stick to. I also wrote it down on paper. We tend to carry out what we plan when its out of our mind and onto paper. Also by scheduling out our day we are planning and not leaving our success up to chance! Lastly, I was determined to be realistic! So don't say you're going to write 40 pages everyday for your new book if you know you are only able to allot an hour a day to write. Or you're going to run 5 miles everyday and you haven't exercised in 10 years. Trust me, we can be hungry for results and still be realistic and honest with ourselves.

4. Limit Distractions: For me television and talking on the phone are the two things that take up my "extra time". So I had to limit all of that. I didn't necessarily cut it off completely but in order to get done what I wanted to accomplish I had to create boundaries and determine when the time was right for me to come out and play. And the time to play is always AFTER I complete what's on my schedule.

5. Establish Rewards: Incorporating discipline into my everyday routine can be tough! Thats' why its necessary for me to reward myself along the way. I no longer wait until the goal is accomplished but I celebrate the steps in between that help me reach my major goal. And I've learned not to reward myself with things that actually take me OFF the path of my goal. We tend to subconsciously or maybe even consciously do that lol.

6. Rest: I know it sounds cheesy but rest is pretty important. That whole "sleep is for suckas" phrase…you can miss me with it. I don't know about you but I function at a higher level of efficiency when Im powered up and well energized. And after a few nights of 4 hours of sleep or none at all I'm grumpy, I have to try all types of tricks to get through the day, and I'm not able to get as much of my "dream work" done after my 9-5 because I'm too damn tired! So no I'm not sleeping 10 hours a night but I'm definitely aiming for my 6-8 so I won't be the REAL sucka at the end of the day. Plus lack of sleep aids in bad aging…and nobody has time for that! (Sleeping beauty drops mic) lol

7. Exercise: Simply put…I've gotta keep moving. When I stay moving I have higher energy and I like the way I look. And when when I look good I feel good.

8. Recognize: I recognize that I've got it going on and the sky is truly the limit for me! To even have the capacity to want to do better and be better is an accomplishment in itself because some people would prefer to remain the same. So lets recognize that we're pretty bad ass for wanting more for ourselves but more importantly for DOING the work to make our goals HAPPEN!

9. Give: I always feel that when I operate out of selflessness and take the attention off of what I want and need 24-7 I'm I'm released from worry, doubt , and fear. And I'm replaced with gratitude, pride, and joy. So I'm always looking for a fellow dreamer/ "doer" that I can bless with something that will make their journey a bit easier and or enjoyable because I am where I am because someone helped me .

10. Exposure: . Exposure inspires me. I'm aware that I don't know everything so I'm always open to that new new. They say when you're the smartest person in the room you need to expand your circle. And I add that when you and your friends all have the same issues its time to reach for higher knowledge. I want to know more and do more so that requires me to expose myself to updated research, invest in classes, and getting around people that are doing what I desire on a higher level than I am. Because often times we don't know the level of creativity and or success we could be operating on until we're first exposed to it


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