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Drama in Spring

One of 2017’s biggest fashion trends and my current obsession are bold dramatic sleeves. In this case the bigger the drama the better the fashion. And believe me when I say these voluminous sleeves are a Spring must have and will definitely be the only drama I’m checking for this season.

To be honest this type of blouse is a go to for me because it makes getting dressed an absolute breeze. And that’s because with such over the top sleeves the rest of your outfit and accessories can be very minimal. This allows your ensemble to have a more balanced feel. So all it takes is a quick throw on of a pair of jeans or a solid colored trouser and you’re out the door. However, if you have a bodacious personality and a quirky sense of style it’s definitely not a crime to add more! I always say fashion is an art form so there is no right or wrong way to dress fabulously. If that’s your style, you have options! Just pair your billowing sleeves with a patterned or textured bottom, you can throw on an A line vest, or opt for your blouse to be bold in color or accompanied with a vibrant print. As Future says “you do what you want when you poppin” lol.

As gorgeous as this trend is it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But it is a for sure way to have fun with your wardrobe and let loose a little. So if you’re itching to be a drama queen and make a vivacious statement then get hip to this Spring trend and let your sleeves doing all the talking!

What I'm


Blouse: White Ruffled Sleeve Button Down c/o Zara

(My top is no longer online/it is in stores currently) But no worries I've Included Similar Blouse Options Below!

Photography by: Sherita Bolden

I always love knowing your thoughts so if you’re down for this dramatic sleeve trend give me a quick yay or nay in the comments below!

More Drama Sleeve Options:

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