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Beautiful & Broke

Beautiful AND Broke…Not Me! Yes,I like to dress beautifully but not at the expense of being broke. Let’s face it, we have all had moments where we would like to be oh so fancy and dress like we are about to hit the streets with Rita Ora or go on a dinner date with Idris Elba but our budget just wouldn’t allow it. I mean a girl is tippin on thirty and we’ve all got priorities right!? Whether it be working towards owning a home, paying off student loans, planning a big trip, or just actively saving your coins for a rainy day. You don’t want to be that girl that looks like “money” and in reality doesn’t have any money. For me life is about balance and I believe I deserve to dress fly without operating in the red.

So when pop star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham announced she was partnering with Target to create a fashion forward affordable line you know I was here for it! Not to mention I’ve been a huge fan of her ready to wear line for years now but the prices range from the upper hundreds to thousands …that’s a lot of money for a skirt. So needless to say her new line is an opportunity for the everyday woman to dress with elegance, style, and sophistication without having to break the bank. Which is always a win win in my book.

Her fashion line consists of bright greens, orange, fuchsia, floral & bumble bee patterns, dainty dresses, cheeky rompers, and trousers that are “gag worthy”. There are a lot of super cute patterned items that are advertised matching as one unit but if you’re anything like me you were born to mix and match. So in true EEH fashion I purchased the black Calla Lily button down with sleek white cuffs for only $30 bucks and paired it with my white Harlowe & Graham high waist shorts.

I chose the white shorts to balance out the darkness of the top so that I could still be in the realm of spring. And anytime you’re covered up at the top it’s a good idea to throw some balance into the mix by showing a little sun kissed leg.

So cheers to dressing fabulously without breaking the bank and thank you VB and Target for letting a girl be great!

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