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Beyoncé Said It Best

Every now and then you have to check in with yourself & get YOURSELF ALL the way together. Like a full on Beyoncé style get into formation pep talk. Well, that was totally me this past weekend as I moaned and groaned about having too much on my weekend agenda. Not to mention being exhausted from working a full 8am -6pm job all week.I mean to say the least a sistah was OVER IT and I needed a beach front view with a pretty strong Mai Tai.

In an effort to release my frustrations I rattled off my woes to my friend Brian. Explaining that I was going to cancel some things I had on my agenda in order to catch up on some much needed rest. And in good friend fashion he ever so casually responded back saying “do whatever you think is best but just know that when you cancel on that you’re also canceling on yourself”. BOOM! And just like that the bomb exploded. Y’all, it was so quiet in my living room after that gem flew out of his mouth you could hear a pin drop. Yeah, let me repeat that for you. This man said “just know that when you cancel on that you’re also canceling on yourself”.

Talk about pressure! I mean anybody with a little self-esteem and pride would have had a problem with that. So needless to say I sat myself back down mentally and got myself together all over again keeping Brian’s words in mind. Side note: though Brian’s words were amazing I still had to check in with myself because I have learned over the years the importance of figuring out what’s best for Ebonne outside of the opinions of others. Even if their opinion is wrapped in gold, glitter, and good intention you have to evaluate what’s true and best for you, which differs for everyone. However, in this case Brian’s advice was clearly a perfect match and in hindsight after staying loyal to my word and previous commitments it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Being that this situation turned out so well it made me ponder on how many other opportunities I've unknowingly thrown away based upon a temporary emotion, when I could have gained something far greater and permanent had I been loyal to my own word and pushed through. I can pretty much bet my money that we have all been in this predicament a time or two.

So let this post serve as a small reminder to continue to plan and create a clear action plan that will take your dreams from a figment in your imagination to a full on physical manifestation. And more importantly in order to do that you can’t quit on yourself. I mean Beyonce said it best..."I'ma keep running cause a winner doesn't quit on themselves". Since it is a fact that we are winners, we have to be discipline enough to not allow temporary moments of fatigue, fear, discouragement, laziness, and doubt stop us from pursuing and gaining what’s rightfully ours.

When I say what’s “rightfully ours” I mean the right to live a life of abundance, divine satisfaction, peace, sound health, vibrant relationships, financial freedom, and an ever growing attitude of gratitude because life is just that sweet for us. That’s what I believe is our divine right and we have an opportunity to walk in that power everyday if we so choose. So keep this encouragement on the forefront of your heart as you walk out your dreams and continue to shine bright!



Speaking of shining bright I don’t think it can get any brighter with me wearing this sexy metallic jumpsuit from Zara. Being a girl who’s not afraid to stand out but also demands some feminine flare this jumpsuit was a no brainer for me. Enjoy this fab fit from all angles and let me know how you plan to rock your bold & sexy jumpers this Spring. You know I want to know :)

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