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Battle of The Sexes Pajama Jam

Whether single or taken I think Valentine's day should always be a reflection of pure love and celebrating those who bring us joy. So in true Ebonne fashion I took matters into my own hands and threw my own little love party. I mean any reason to jam with amazing people over good food is always a bomb idea to me. Especially because I LOVE hosting an exclusive event with an intimate guest list.To say we had a great time would be an understatement because we had an absolute ball! We ate, drank, laughed, played battle of the sexes games, and definitely danced ourselves into the midnight hours. This was definitely one for the books! So with that being said I filmed it just for you because i knew words wouldn't do this Pajama Jam any justice. I know you're anxious so go ahead and click play & Check out all of our V-Day madness.

-Special Thanks To -

Chef Yaya for our incredible food

Clifford Johnson for recording & editing our amazing experience


Sherita Bolden for capturing through photography every beautiful moment

Happy V-Day,


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