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70's Vibes

The future better be ready for me…cause I'm Foxxy Ebonne, and I'm a whole lot of woman!!! Clearly I'm blasting back to the 70's because I woke up feeling like Dyn-o-mite!!! Not to mention I plan on channeling my inner Foxxy Cleopatra all day long. My goal with this outfit was to stay true to my 70's vibes while not looking like I'm about to win best costume at the neighborhood Halloween party . So I paired my modern black booties and fringe purse, with this uber 70's Peak A Boo LucyParis blouse and cranberry corduroy jumper. This turned out to be the perfect fit! literally and figuratively.And I can't forget to mention it's flirty, fun, and bold! And we all know those are three elements that you never can go wrong with while rocking a banging outfit.

Stay Foxxy,


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