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The Real Deal Holyfield

I'll be honest with you, being the daughter of a celebrity is not always what it seems. It can be an invasion of privacy, people think they have you pegged without asking one question and a daunting road to success as you stand in a shadow glittered in gold. Yes, I know all about it as the third eldest child born to 5- time heavy weight champion of the world Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield . It has been a wild and exciting ride to say the least. From ringside seats to gossip-filled tabloids, my family has seen and experienced it all. However, whether good or challenging, a gem of wisdom I hold onto tightly that my father has taught me is to always keep it one hundred with myself.

Keep it nothing less than one hundred percent when it comes to committing to my dreams and if I remain humble and laced in a positive attitude, there is no way I won't have a seat at the winning table. You see, my dad grew up in the ghettos of Atlanta as the youngest of nine siblings born to a single mother. With the odds stacked against him, he made a decision at the young age of eight to commit to one thing he could do well and that was boxing. Proving himself triumphant through patience, drive, discipline and determination, he became the heavy weight champion of the world at the age of twenty-eight . With a living legend for a father and a front row seat to his irreproachable work ethic, I would be a fool not to live by the example of his commitment. Therefore, I took mental notes every chance I could on the importance of putting in the necessary work to create the life I desire. Yes, I said the necessary work.

Contrary to what the majority may assume, I've had no handouts over here. Often times I hear "Why haven't you made it yet, don't they know your dad is Holyfield?" or "I bet you can get or do anything you want easily." Ha! I wish it was that simple. The funny thing is, because I am a "Holyfield " I have had to work harder and prove myself more times than most. I've encountered limitations whether it be through a boss or a peer. They seem to feel that I'm not as deserving as the next person because I am already "well taken care of" or don't "need" a chance. The reality is, I am a human being just like everyone else. I too need assistance, opportunities, favor, a helping hand and a step in the right direction. But one thing I know for sure is that my fate is not in man's hands and as long as I never give up and always do my part, there is no way that anybody will be able to deny what's mine. A name can only get you in the door anyway . It's your skill set and talent that keeps you there. Therefore, I never rely on my last name and always build my confidence on the foundation that I am a child of God and rest strongly in the fact that all things are working together for my good.

Long story short, we ALL have a back story mixed with mountain top highs and perhaps some pretty dark lows. But one thing I've learned over the years is that it's all about getting creative enough to play the hand you were dealt. And while playing it, commit to WINNING it! Like Snoop Dog said: "And that's realer than the Real-Deal-Holyfield".

Now About This Vintage Sequin Jacket & Boyfriend Jeans...

This vintage sequin jacket was God sent! Sometimes the best fashion finds are thrifted! Thrifted items can sometimes add more character to outfits than store mannequins styled in first hand clothes could ever possess.

If nothing else, your clothes should always bring out your inner boss .

I don't do the jeans in the women's section that are labeled "boyfriend jeans" . I could never get them to be loose enough in my thighs and still fit everywhere else nicely. So off I went to the section where an actual "boyfriend" would shop. The men's section! I wear authentic boy jeans to give me the look I desire. I cuff at the bottom for my proper length, throw on a belt, or in some cases I get the waste altered. Alterations is always a good idea if you're going to make these your go to boyfriend jeans.

Make this look a day time fit by taking off the jacket and just wearing a V-Neck body suit like I did with sneakers or flats. Instantly make it a night on the town look by pairing a blazer or sequin jacket with your go to pumps.

Always know that you are the "The Real-Deal"

Keeping it 100,


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