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Making Good With 2017

It's officially the first day of 2017 and I'm still in bed scheming and planning. I know that sounds kind of lame but at the end of the day I'm preparing to get all that's mine this year. In the past I always felt good about the new year but it was just that, a feeling. I never made an action plan to tackle life, I always just allowed life to tackle me . But no m'mam, not this year. This year Im standing in my power and I'm planning and taking action!

Here's how I plan to do it:

1) Eliminating Excuses: I'm too tired , I don't have the funds, I don't have the right connects, I don't know how to do it, blah blah blah blah. I'm scratching all of that off the list and just making it happen. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get creative. If you make a mistake while attempting to make your dreams happen learn from it and keep it moving. After all, if you make a mistake it just means you are trying something new.

2) Stay Clear: Staying clear on my desires will help me to stay focused.When you know what you want then you automatically know what you don't want. The next step after knowing what you want is NOT making room for that which you don't want! That can be challenging but it's necessary to move forward.

3) No Oversharing: No excessive sharing of my business or others. Everyone doesn't understand or support all of the information we share. Which can lead to wavering actions because someone didn't fully understand the concept or is judging the idea because its just not a good fit for THEM. So it's simple, learn to be quiet and let people see the results once they manifest.

4) Forward Thinking: An action plan is key! Once again life will not be happening to me this year because I will be happening to life! I have an agenda and calendar for my personal life and one for my career. This way I can plan and map out in advance what needs to take place for the month/year.

5) Loyal To Thy Self: Even if I do have an action plan what good is it if I don't follow through? That's why I'm committing to being loyal to my own word. I'm often committed and loyal to others but when it comes to keeping my word to myself I drop the ball. So I'm turning a new leaf and doing what I say I'm going to do for my personal life and my career no matter what. No more breaking promises to myself because I count too!

6) One Sided Relationships: No more relationships that consist of only me giving or only me receiving. It works both ways. I believe I should be a winner in someone's circle and I should have nothing but winner's in mine. That means I need to have the capacity to give and receive and I should have people in my tribe that choose to do the same. Side note: that receiving part is HUGE! You would think everyone knows how to receive but thats not true. It's tortue to have nothing but love and positivity for someone but they don't know how to receive anything that's good. They only know how to take the tough stuff. Only being able to share in the "grind" or the issues of life provides no balance for the relationship. So make sure your winners have room to receive the good from you as well.

7) Re-Up: I'm making sure I SCHEDULE time to rest and smell the roses. I'm learning that if I'm adding more people,plans, and opportunities to my agenda I need to make sure I'm adding more rest and re-up time as well. When your business is to give of yourself literally you need to make time to give back to yourself. Even if its once a month I'm going to make time to be still, celebrate my completed steps of action, and rejuvenate for the next steps of action.

8) Give Back: I'm taking the focus off of me! It will be a scheduled date to give back at minimum once a month. I notice when I give back it not only comes back to me in some positive shape or form but it also puts life into perspective. It put's into perspective that the world and it's "issues" are much bigger than just me and mine. I'm able to realize that things aren't so challenging in my little corner after all. Also the act of selflessness reminds me that I always have something to give that can add a little light to someone else's corner of the world as well.

I believe these eight action steps are enough to get me started for 2017. I'm happy that I'm planning for change this new year but above all I'm excited to commit to each step and make it happen. I will be overjoyed to evaluate this action plan this time next year to see what worked and how it elevated my life. Take what will positively serve you from my plan and let's see how our intentional actions can brighten up our lives.

Happy New Year Gorgeous,


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