Festive Holiday Cocktail!

December 22, 2016







 Tis the season for a good holiday cocktail! What's the point of having a holiday party if you aren't serving a festive drink?  Or don't you dare have your friends over to gather around the fireplace and not have a warm cocktail in their hands!  Of course, I won't let you go out like that so I've crafted a delicious strawberry dipped hot cocoa cocktail that's perfect for your next  holiday shindig ! This spiked cocoa literally tastes like a warm chocolate covered strawberry and it's sure to NOT disappoint you or your loved ones this holiday season. Enjoy this yummy hand crafted goodness as a token of cheer from me to you! Have a Beautiful & Happy Holiday! 



Strawberry Dipped Hot CoCoa 


Items Needed: 

Hot CoCoa Mix

Heavy Whipping Cream 

Half & Half 

Whipped cream 


Fresh or Frozen Strawberries 

Strawberry liqueur 

Crème De Cocoa









  •  Pour a half a cup of half & half into a small pot on a low to medium heat setting 

  • Mix in a half a cup of heavy whipping cream into the pot with the half & half (This cream mixture allows your cocktail to be thick and creamy. If you would like your cocktail to be less creamy use hot water only)

  •  Allow cream mixture to warm while you stir every 2 minutes

  •  Once your cream mixture is hot enough for your liking remove it from the stove top

  • Pour a packet of your favorite hot cocoa mix into your best holiday mug (you can also make your hot cocoa from scratch if you prefer )

  • Pour 1 cup of your cream mixture into your mug with your hot cocoa mix

  • Stir Until it is well mixed 

  • Pour 1 oz of Crème De Cocoa into your mug 

  • Pour a 1/2 oz of your chosen strawberry liqueur (I Used strawberry Pucker by Dekuyper)

  • Stir liqueur's until well mixed 

  • Top your spiked hot cocoa with 1 tablespoon of whipped cream 

  • Top your whipped cream with 1 whole strawberry 

  • Garnish your whipped cream & strawberry with a pinch of cinnamon 


Happy Holidays,







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