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7 Keys To Manifesting Your Best Year

On Monday, Dec. 5th, I celebrated my 29th year of life-- and I feel REALLY GOOD about it. Beyond the huge blessing of me literally being alive to experience another year, I'm also counting it as a true blessing that I have grown to realize that I TRULY possess the power to create the life that I desire.

If you follow me on Instagram (@ebonne.ehsaya.holyfield) or Facebook (EbonneEshayaHolyfield), then you already know that for the past week I have consciously surrounded myself with the wisdom of those I admire and those who have surpassed their 29th year of life. In sharing my village's advice to their 29 year old selves, my goal was to challenge myself and my followers to be open to the knowledge of those who have gone before us and to live a life of expectancy and growth.

Everyone's advice was so moving that it inspired me to write my own word of advice to my NOW 29 year old self. I'm often reviewing my past or 5 years ahead of time dreaming about my future. Instead, I decided to stay present and embrace the growth and breakthroughs that could come from advising myself currently. Whether you're 29 or not, I believe that we all have room to grow.

Take a peek at some of the wisdom & knowledge below and hopefully you'll also be inspired to challenge your expectations for the upcoming year and create the life you want and deserve.


7 INTENTIONAL Keys That Will Contribute to Creating the Energy, Relationships, Career and Lifestyle I Desire.


1. Be clear about what you want and go after it without fear. If something or someone does not line up with the direction of YOUR destiny, respectfully decline and free your time and energy from it.

2. Take responsibility through action to manifest your desires.

3. Do less talking and more listening.

4. Allow your own opinion of YOUR LIFE to take precedence over the opinions of those observing it.

5. Be aware and confident of the fact that you are truly magical and limitless.

6. Be open to receiving the many blessings you attract without guilt.

7. Realize you always have something to give... so give freely.

Join Me:

If You're bold enough & ready to demand a new kind of year join me by creating your own personal keys that will shape your new year in 2017. I would love to see what you are intentionally planning to attract so Tag me! Instagram (@ebonne.ehsaya.holyfield) or on Facebook (EbonneEshayaHolyfield) I can't wait to hear from you!


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