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5 Tips To Make Your Holiday Party Pop!

Last weekend's FriendsGiving Brunch was nothing short of phenomenal! I know it was my event but even my guests were raving about it days later. With the holidays not yet behind us and plenty more festive occasions to come, I thought it would only be right for me to share a few gems that will make your holiday party planning a breeze AND help make your party unforgettable.

Gem #1: Make Your Guest List & Space Intimate

The less people you have to cater to and the less space you have to decorate, the better! Less truly is more. A smaller guest list will give you time to actually socialize with your guests and more importantly, time to enjoy your own event! On top of that, if your attendees aren't all familiar with one another, the combination of an intimate space and guest list will give them a fighting chance to learn more about each other.

Bottomless Pomegranate, Orange, and Mango Mimosas

Fresh fruit is a gorgeous addition to a tablescape…I used pears and apples)

Gem #2: Pay Attention To The Details

Within a small space, details are EVERYTHING! From your "tablescape" to the labeling of your food and beverages, you want to make sure your space is as easy to navigate as possible for your guests. When the details are done just right everyone can see and feel that you put your mind, body and soul into your party. This not only shows guests that they are appreciated, it also sets the tone from the beginning that your party is going to be a beautiful experience.

Chilled Champagne & Fresh Flowers

Gem #3: Make Sure the Bubbly is Flowing

A good cocktail is ALWAYS a good idea at a holiday party, in my humble opinion. So just know, if you ever come to an Ebonne Holyfield event, the bubbly WILL be flowing! I know that everybody doesn't drink alcohol, so alcoholic cocktails may not work for your party. That's totally fine! But I believe that some type of signature drink should be served, even if it's a mock-tail.

Gem #4: Have Really Delicious Food

Having an appetizing menu is half of the battle of party planning. Some people come to parties JUST for the food! Okay-- maybe not just for the food, but it's definitely a large part of why they are there. With that in mind, it's important that you make sure you don't skimp out on this VERY important element. If you don't have time to cook or cooking just isn't your thing, a potluck style gathering, similar to mine, is always a fantastic option!

(Left to Right: Buttermilk biscuits w/smoked honey,sweet potato & Kale salad, Assorted Self Served Waffles, Monkey Bread)

Gem #5: Good Energy is Necessary!

Energy is everything when it comes to making or breaking a party. Always make sure you invite people who are positive and open to having a good time. Debbie Downers are NOT allowed. Have high expectations for your event! ( Your energy matters too). When you believe you have created something AMAZING and radiate confidence, 9 times out of 10 everyone around you will think and feel the same way. Do YOUR thing and don't forget to have fun and enjoy your gorgeous event!

Here's A Little Peek Into My FriendsGiving Brunch…Maybe Next Year You Can Be My Special Guest!

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Videography & Editing by Clifford L. Johnson IG: @clifford_elle

Oh! And I Can't End Without Shouting Out These Fabulous "Thankful" Balloons that made for a perfect photo walll! They're from Paper Supply Station on Etsy! IG:@papersupplystation

Thankful for You,


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