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Sippin on Salutations: The Perfect Gift!

Congratulatory Gift For Under $20 Bucks!

I don't know about you, but I'm intentional about my tribe. Tribe (noun): The people who make up your inner circle and thus, have the power to take you up or down.

When you're intentional about who's in your corner, you surround yourself with people that remind you of who you REALLY are, where you're going and the love you owe yourself. A good tribe should be small and consist of positively charged, trail blazing GO-GETTERS! Your tribe should be full of people who lovingly lift themselves higher as they also lift you. In other words: "dope ass" people with good hearts.

One of my incredible tribe members, who is just as amazing as she wants to be, got an unexpected, on the fly promotion at her job. It caught her, as well as her support system, by surprise. But hey… isn't that how it's suppose to be? The Universe dropping expected and unexpected blessings with every twist and turn of life? Nudging us with constant reminders that we're enough AND worthy of all of our desires? If you didn’t know… the answer is YES! That's how it’s supposed to be. When you're living an intentional, high-vibrating life— life automatically manifests your desires and a whole lot more. Well, this was my friend’s "a whole lot more" moment.

With such little warning and a congratulatory gift in order, I scooted over to my local florist to pick up some gorgeous blooms. Then I hauled butt through my favorite go to store, TARGET, to get every other thoughtful detail that I could think of. After an hour and a half, I created this BOMB BEAUTY of a Congratulatory Gift for under $20 Bucks!! It’s Super Easy, Super Thoughtful & Super Deserving of anyone who is creating the life they so deeply desire. So, if your tribe is anything like mine, you NEED this EASY gift idea because you're always having to think of a new "Happy for You" / "You did that!" token for their great accomplishments. If that's you, friend, I've got you covered!

Here’s How I Did It:

When creating any type of gift I ALWAYS ask myself the same 3 questions and go from there...

#1 Is This Gift Functional? An extra "work mug" never hurt anybody! AND everyone deserves to sip their tea or coffee fabulously!

Monogram Belly Mug 16 oz Stoneware -A-Z- Threshold


Wait What! Your Friend's name doesn't start with a "S" ? Lol Don't Worry Target has these mugs from letters A-Z in a Variety of Colors. I told you I had you covered!

#2 Is This Gift Aesthetically Pleasing? Absolutely! A monogrammed mug filled with beautiful, bright flowers is sure to equal a GORGEOUS WIN! Just trim those stems down to fit your mug and, of course, add water after you arrive to your destination.

Floral Mix


#3 Is This Gift Thoughtful? Yep! A loving note filled with phrases specific to the recipient is a sure way to tug on anyone's heart strings. Not to mention this "Vase" is monogrammed with the recipient’s initial, making it super specific to them. 

Spritz Banners 80" Gold


Tip: If you're a sappy note writer like me, you NEED MORE SPACE. So, purchase a “Hanging Party Banner” like mine. It allows you more space to write, has pre-punched holes so you can put string through to attach to your mug AND the metallic gold trim kicks up your GLAM aesthetic a few extra notches. 

Ooh and we can't forget our spool of Twine to attach our note to our fabulous mug!

Twine 50 yds



Voila!  We're All Done for Under $20!

Now your  beloved tribe member  has love, beauty and thoughtfulness to sip on as they continue their rise to the top. I promise they'll be smitten with this one.




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