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Lying for a Living

What If I told you that you've been lying to yourself. Would you believe me? I know that we don't know one another well YET but I'm pretty much willing to bet my life that you've been lying to yourself. Well, maybe not my life lol but my point is, if you've ever told yourself that you can't do something because you don't have x, y, or z than I win. I win the bet because you've for sure been lying to yourself. How many times have you not started a new project, applied for that dream job, planned that international trip, or do whatever it is you REALLY want to do because you "don't have it". 10, 20, 50 times…maybe hundreds?Hey, myself included! I've definitely been there and I'm trying to talk myself off the ledge of fear as we speak.

At some point we have all thought or said that we don't have what's necessary to begin , to go , to do, or be. Well, guess what!? That's a lie. Unfortunately, we have been lying for a living. Subconsciously lying to to ourselves to support why we can't live the lives we have imagined in our wildest dreams. The truth behind whatever spicy false statements we've conjured up is #1 FEAR (we've got to get rid of that) and #2 we have more than we think. We've got to get around the thoughts that say we don't have the money, the help, the knowledge, or the skills to do what we want. According to the legacies of Oprah Winfrey,Steve Jobs, Sara Blakely, Joanne Rowling, Morgan Freeman, or Evander Holyfield its not about how much you have or how grand the things are that you do have. It's simply about USING WHATEVER it is that YOU DO HAVE. I totally recognize that REAL challenges do exist and they can delay our progress but the key words are "challenge" and "delay". There is nothing permanent about a challenge or a delay. They can both be temporary with a banging plan in place and bit of wit.I challenge you today to stop being afraid, procrastinating, and perhaps even making excuses for you not being your best self. Do some soul searching and stop looking for what you don't have and instead for what you DO have.

Oh and about this Fit…It was All Thrifted;) : Minus these go to Steve Madden shoes. I live for a light and airy top and a good pair of high waisted denim shorts. I started my afternoon with my top out and loose and by the end of the afternoon i was all "knotted" up due to this intense Georgia heat. Hey, like i said be creative, use what've you got, and keep it moving.

P.S. I've Listed Below A Few Relationships / Things You May Be Over Looking Within Your Arsenal …If You Still Don't Feel Like You Have These Components…What You Do Have that's Free... is Creativity. Some of the BEST creations in life only cost creativity, time, effort and faith. So Let's Get Creative & Stop Lying for a Living.

Look Into Your...

  • Family

  • Forward thinking/Positive/Progressive Friendships

  • Mentors that are DOING what you want to do

  • Your Own Finances ( If You Have Money Saved Up or Just Rolling in the Dough …Don't be afraid to INVEST in Your Self. If you won't who will?)

  • Community Resources that are Educational/ Inspirational ( Libraries, Museums , Grants, Workshops , etc.)

  • Job Opportunities to Save Up & Learn ( Even if it's an internship or shadowing…you've got to start somewhere)

  • Social Media (It's a Free platform for you to build upon if an audience and or a following is necessary for your goal)

  • Strangers that are EXCELING in what you want to do ( It never hurts to try…so send out an email, fb message, Instagram DM, letter in the mail, or make a call to ask how they started, what resources they utilized. OR YOU COULD BE BOLD and ask if they would be willing to meet up for coffee to chat or over Skype if they are unavailable to meet physically)

(Create These Relationships if " They Don't Exist")



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