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The Golden Hand Shake

I don't know about yours but MY summer is still going! I'm trying by any means necessary to stay moisturized, tan, and glowing.Now, I'll admit that we only have a few days left but we still owe it to ourselves to stay "Summer Time Fine" and Preserve our Sexy:) And that goes for our ENTIRE body. Some people seem to only focus on keeping their faces, legs, and arms soft and supple... but umm friend...I'm letting you know thats not acceptable lol. Every part counts…including OUR HANDS. I mean they need love too:)So in search for some Hand TLC ,I hit the streets looking for a product that will have our hands smooth as butter and glistening in gold. Literally. Strolling from beauty counter to beauty counter ,much to my surprise I found out that LUSH has a fairly new hot HAND mask that moisturizes while creating the perfect at home pampering session. Friends, I gave it a try and I will admit upfront this experience was kind of a win and a lose for ME. But if you're down for a try... keep reading for more deets to see if this golden hand mask will be perfect for you.

IN A NUTSHELL: The Mask is in a solid form to start, comes on a stick, glittered in gold, smells amazing, and the best part ....they're cheap! Like $4.95 cheap! So you can rack up on as many as you'd like without feeling guilty.(fyi Im a girl who loves to save a dollar:)

STEP ONE: Just swirl this yummy goodness by the end of it's stick in boiling water. (Be extremely careful)

STEP TWO:Let it cool & thicken,Soak your hands for about 20 mins (I did this while catching up on my favorite shows)

STEP THREE: After soaking …Exfoliate with your favorite hand scrub, and Voila you're all done.

TRUTH MOMENT: Now here's the tricky part, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't totally honest with you. I did love SOME things about this hand treatment but NOT EVERY aspect. In my opinion this treatment definitely made my hands feel soft , it smelled yummy, and it created a nice relaxing moment for me at home. Which those are definitely a BIG plus.However, my hands did not stay moisturized for a substantial amount of time during the day ( at least not like i thought they would) and the texture of the product mixed with water was very soupy. It would have been better if it was thicker like a nice golden honey. I heard that some other bloggers put their "mix" in the fridge for a couple of hours and it thickened up. So that may be a better bet as far as consistency is concerned.

TAKE AWAY: This Product is definitely worth another try.I'll give it a second go around with the the fridge approach to thicken it up a bit. If you grab " The Golden Handshake" during your next mall run try it out and let me know how it suits you. Until next time thanks for being my guest and stay moisturized;).



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