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How You Brunchin?: West Egg's Pancakes Made for the Gods!

West Egg Cafe literally made my entire day with their SOUR CREAM Pancakes. YES you heard me correctly...SOUR CREAM in PANCAKES! This all-American cafe is better known for serving breakfast all day every day in addition to their great lunch menu, but let me tell you these perfectly creamy yet fluffy pancakes put a permanent smile on my face for the entire day. Who would have thought sour cream and pancakes would have made for such a perfect match. Not to mention these cakes are easy on your pockets and topped with delicious maple syrup and spiced honey butter. I also indulged in a portobello panini with roasted peppers and goat cheese. It was absolutely divine. I throroughly enjoyed everything on my plate but there is no denying that the sour cream pancakes took the gold medal for me. So dear friends, the next time you're in Midtown do yourself a favor and drop by West Egg Cafe to try these glorious cakes and be sure to tell them that Ebonne sent you.

Happy Brunchin,


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